PORT VILA, 26 OCTOBER 2017 (VANUATU DAILY POST) —-A team of 13 Chinese Coaches have arrived in Port Vila on October 22.

The team consists of 6 Athletic coaches, 1 Judo coach, 1 Weightlifting coach, 1 men’s Beach Volleyball coach, 1 women’s Football coach, 1 Table Tennis coach, 1 Archery coach and 1 Boxing coach as well as a team leader and an interpreter.

These coaches will be providing professional training for the final team Vanuatu athletes who will be representing Vanuatu during the upcoming 10th Pacific Mini Games in December. However, training will commence after the handing over of the main games venue (Korman Sports Complex) next week.

The coaches are accompanied by team leader, Sun Hua from the China Sports International Co Ltd and interpreter, Wu Yu.

The coaches are namely; Cheng Baotuan -Chinese Boxing Federation (Boxing Coach); Hu Jingyun – Chinese Volleyball Association (Beach Volleyball Coach); Liu Minzhong -Chinese Table Tennis Association (Table Tennis Coach); Hao Yi- Chinese Judo Association (Judo Coach); Wang Xiang -Chinese Weightlifting Association (Weight lifting Coach); Zhao Junping-Chinese Archery Association (Archery Coach); Wu Kangzhen -Chinese Football Association (Women Football Coach); Cuijiangxin Chinese Athletic Association (Javelin Coach); Xie Hongyan-Chinese Athletic Association(Sprint Coach); Zhang Shaohua-Chinese Athletic Association (Shot Put Coach); Yang Jun -Chinese Athletic Association (High Jump Coach); Guo Zhen-Chinese Athletic Association (Long Jump Coach); Zhao Lijun -Chinese Athletic Association (Middle-distance Race Coach).

The Government through the Ministry of Youth Development & Sports wishes to acknowledge the commitment of the Chinese Government for much support provided towards the game as well as emphasized that local coaches should liaise as much as possible with Chinese coaches throughout the training period to ensure athletes are in good fitness until the games and to exchange skills.

These coaches are professional coaches who have been providing training for our athletes who recently arrived from China for the past 5 month’s intensive training.

The government is expected to do a formal welcome for the Coaches as well as introduce them to the Council of Ministers and Federations taking part in the games at the end of this week …PACNEWS

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